Tuesday, January 13, 2009


That Sunday, August 31st I wrote:

A Second Birthday

Bringing Bean back from the hospital is like a second birthday. It is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, to have him home again! I like hearing his little chirps and grunts in the night and it is much nicer to wake up to nurse him rather than go to a pump. We check his blood glucose levels every three hours and he receives a minute dose of Lantus twice daily. His levels were great through the night, but climbed sharply this morning, so the endocrinologist advised giving him .75 units rather than his usual .5 units this morning. (You have to have eagle eyes to draw up such a tiny amount...) Checked again 30 minutes ago and his sugars are back to a respectable level.

Bean also gets NaCl 4 times daily (mixed with milk to get it down) in order replenish that which he loses in urine. I've also found that I still need to pump some, despite Isaac being a great eater, so it works out. Our freezer has a good sized bin overflowing with milk containers that I pumped while he was in the hospital. I'm pleased that I was able to keep up with him and then some.

He's now about 7 and a half pounds. Between Thursday and Friday night he put on 205 grams. The nurses couldn't believe it, so he was weighed 3 times. I think this child would have been a good 8+ pounder at birth if it weren't for the diabetes.

While it is great to have him back, whatever I was drawing energy from these past two weeks seems to have evaporated. I am tired. Happy, but tired. The thought of getting behind the wheel of a car feels a bit too daunting right now. I don't even want to get dressed!

But Bean is home and I am at peace.
That's not to say it was stress free by any means!  Every time he fussed or slept longer than we expected we wondered if he was too high?  too low?  or perhaps this was just normal behavior for him?  That poor child got poked very frequently.   Thankfully we had access to the diabetes line for any questions.  Each morning for the first few days home we'd call in his numbers too for the endocrinologist.  

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